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Lawn Maintenance Services are growing in numbers everyday.

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Cutting your lawn can become extremely tasking, because it consumes TOO MUCH OF YOUR TIME! Let us use our time, making your yard beautiful...

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Who we are?

We are McGregor Services. Localled owned and operated through the Rochester Hills community in Michigan as well as all surrounding areas. We are hard working lawn and landscape enthusiast that come together to work toward a greater cause. Self proclaimed the best lawn mowing service in the world! We have satisfied every customer to date, if there are any problems they get corrected the first time you tell us and stay corrected. Our lawn service as well as our other services are tailored to your every need

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Our Services

Lawn Mowing Service

Our lawn mowing service is unique with the level of quality we provide.

We do our absolute best, with every service we offer! We ensure we clean up after ourselves!  To do that we use ultra high powered blowers to clear off all debris on the street, walk ways, driveway, patios, decks, porches and flower beds. When we cut your grass, we utilize the industries standards in grass cutting procedures which result in lawn stripes and patterns. We are the best lawn mowing service in

Some more details about our lawn mowing service

We sharpen our blades daily and cut your grass at 4 inches unless requested differently, to allow your grass to have a full thick true green look and appeal. Cutting the grass at 4 inches allows the grass to choke out and overcrowd any weeds that may attempt to infiltrate your lawn. Many people do not understand that if you cut your grass shorter, it will grow faster. Many people also do not know, cutting the grass short will easily allow for an outbreak when it comes to weeds. In short, cutting the grass short essentially invites any seed that lands on your lawn to germinate.

A video of our work

We do many of the techniques in the following video

We are professionals, we have been doing this all of our lives. Let us, help you. It is our passion to cut grass, we enjoy it as much as you enjoy your hobbies. Even in the heat, our quality can’t be beat! We love fresh air and great looking lawns. Our lawn mowing service is our passion. For more information or to schedule any of our services.

Call 248 929 LAWN – 2489295296

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is one of the most important and overlooked responsibilities that a home owner has. Clogged gutters and downspouts can results in basement leaks, cracked foundations, and lead to a host of many other problems! The point is, get your gutters cleaned now to avoid thousands of dollars in repair cost in the future. Insurance will not cover any claims on such damages as they are due to negligence. We are human as you are, so we understand “Out of site, out of mind”, but please heed our warning. Neglect will cost you more than you think. An average gutter cleaning job is 100 to 150 dollars, while the cost to repair a problem caused by clogged gutters can be thousands. Call today – 2489295296. Don’t wait any longer!

For questions or for more information, don’t hesitate to call 248 929 5296. We are available 6 days out of the week. Our pricing is fair and competitive, our quality is above all. We have seen what the competition does, throwing your gutter garbage in your lawn and landscape. WE DO NOT DO THAT, we haul all the debris away. We are not finished until the job is done, which means free flowing gutters that are clog and debris free.

Landscape Services

Here at McGregor Services we pride ourselves in our work. View our work, as it speaks for itself.

McGregor Services

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